Mr. Bigfoot, He Dead

Bigfoot is dead.

So says the National Media. I suppose in a way it’s true. Even if we leave aside the poor reporting that seeks to give Ray Wallace credit for creating Sasquatch, he apparently did create Bigfoot. “Bigfoot” first saw print in stories relating to huge tracks found in Bluff Creek, California in 1958. Wallace’s family says that he was responsible for those and many other tracks over the years.

According to Sasquatch, the Apes Among Us by John Green the first reports of Bigfoot type critters (by white men at least) dates back to 1811. There are Native American stories of such creatures dating back much earlier.

Skook just laughs at the question of whether or not he and his kin exist. That seems like such a silly question to him. Particularly coming from members of a species that invented the corporation – idea of an artificial person – and then gave it rights. Of course, Skook laughs at most things. I’m not sure whether he’s typical of Sasquatches. He’s the only one I’ve actually met.

He lives in our basement. He sleeps during the day on an old futon that he rolls out by the washing machine. He doesn’t snore thankfully. My Dad did and Skook is about twice my Dad’s size. I doubt I’d get much work done if I had to share space with a snoring Sasquatch.

Skook used to live in the garage back when we shared this house with The Bombshell and Mr. Excitement. He and our current housemate, Jaydogg, are better suited. Neither of them talks much and they both keep nocturnal hours. For Jaydogg, that’s going to bed sometime after midnight. For Skook, that’s going to bed sometime before dawn.

Usually that means Skook is going to bed when I’m getting up and asleep by the time I rouse Sarah. He’s asleep now. If I stand close I can hear a whistling as he breathes.

Bigfoot may be dead but apparently he never really existed. Sort of like a corporation.

Skook and his kin are very much alive.