Library Project

Talking about organizing my library has had me actually looking at how to get that done properly. Part of the challenge is that a lot of the shelves aren’t designed to hold books taller than a book club hardback. That means that I have to think about not only what categories of books to put together but also whether or not all the books in that category will fit on the same shelf.

I’ve currently got three categories actually arranged. Over on the west wall, on the right side I’ve got the animal section. That’s pretty much every book on animals from field guides on western birds (do I really have one of those?) to coffee table books of fossils. On the left side I’ve got a Lovecraft section. That’s a mix of old beaten paperbacks, an occasionally nice hardback and RPG gaming manuals. No standard size for either of those sections.

The third category is over on the north wall. The MAH section – Mystery Apes and Hominids – is split between fiction and fact. I’ve got a nice selection of Bigfoot and yeti books with an occasional volume of general mysterious phenomena. Most of those books are from the seventies and eighties. That’s followed by a collection of MAH novels. Some books feature Bigfoot, some yetis, others featuring more obscure critters. It’s one of the few sections down here that I’ve got alphabetized.

As I look around I can see a place where the MAH section would better fit. Not all of my MAH books are shelved on the north wall. I’ve still got a few scattered around because they are too tall for those shelves. But if I move the MAH and the Lovecraft books over to the shelves around the furnace they should all fit with room to expand the collections.

I guess I have a project for tonight while Nizzabet is off saving souls. This should be fun.