In Residence

And who is in the house?

Nizzabet. – enthusiasm unbound, sunshine wrapped in silliness. We spent six years arguing about what sort of wedding to have and finally compromised and had two. Haven’t really had an argument since. Occasionally she’s possessed by the Dark Demon of Doom and Despair. She’s a tad less perky then. I’ve learned to live with it. It hardly outweighs her brightness.

Jaydogg – Nizzabet’s business partner. He’s not much of talker. One of the best housemates I’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot. He doesn’t let a dish stay dirty for longer than an hour or a surface stay undusted for more than a week. Fortunately he and Felix Unger have little else in common.

2M – She and Jaydogg aren’t going out. They don’t have a relationship and she doesn’t live here. Just ask him. She just rolls her eyes. Sometimes she’s accompanied by Lil’ M, her brilliant and dangerous daughter. Lil’ M needs no

Skook – he came with the place. Why he chooses the basement over the garage is beyond me. He can’t stand up down here. It can’t be much warmer than the garage even in the winter. He’s laughing when he’s not sleeping.

Paliki – Pa-thetic Li-ttle Ki-tty. Hard to believe that she’s over ten year old now. She’s gotten stockier and maybe a little calmer but she still manages to be bafflingly annoying sometimes.

Me – I’ll lie for my own amusement. I was called weird for so long that it became a compliment. I’m tall and blonde and cheerful and occasionally modest.

Nizzabet and Jason have offices upstairs. I’ve got a library down here in the basement. We guesstimate about a four thousand books and videos. Way more books than videos. There’s very little organization to it. Most of the books by a single author are on a single shelf but that’s as organized as I’ve managed to get so far.

Details to come.