Christmas Gift Used

Today is the anniversary of nothing in particular. Tomorrow is Big Sis’s birthday. I either need to stay up to call her after midnight or remember to call her tomorrow. Neither is very likely unfortunately.

I used up Nizzabet’s last Christmas gift today, a gift certificate at Sonic Boom Records. Despite the name they don’t carry any vinyl. I don’t think I saw any tapes either. New and used CDs. The gift certificate is one of my favorite presents this year. I love music but I rarely by it for myself. I covet books not record albums.

I found five CDs to take home –

45RPM the Singles of The The

A Secret Life by Marianne Faithful

Peace by Eurythmics

Go Bang! by Shriekback

Shepherd Moons by Enya

It’s not exactly the music I listened to in my youth but neither is any of it new and untested. I got the The The mainly for “This is the Day”, a song I first heard at SKIG Row. It came on the radio at the end of one my many acid trips and burned itself into my memory. Marianne Faithful has a voice that could read bread recipes and I’d listen in rapture. Eurythmics and Shriekback have both done other albums I really liked but I’ve never heard either of these albums before. The Eurythmics album comes from ’99 so I guess it’s some sort of reunion album. I’ll have to check later and see if they did any others after this. And this Enya album from ’91 has a song on it called “Lothlorien”. A good enough reason to get it even if I didn’t find her voice intoxicating.

Listening to The The as I write this I’m surprised how many songs I recognize and I haven’t gotten to “This is the Day” yet. Quite nice.