Family Links

Lovesettlement has gone and outed himself as my brother. Crazy man. He’s one of my four living brothers. There was a fifth but that one has passed on. Passed away. We’ve got two sisters. That’s eight kids in all. Two fathers (one deceased), three mothers (one MIA). Your modern American family. Lovesettlement is the sibling who actually had to grow up with me. It would be nice to think that he enjoyed some of the experience.

He’s taller than I am by just a smidgeon. He didn’t used to be but a few years of yoga stretched him out. I think him having curly hair helps. It give his head more lift. He’s been dying flecks of gray into his hair so he looks more mature. He and his significant have been together longer than Nizzabet and I so perhaps he is the more mature one.

So, in honor of him linking to me, I’m linking back to him. Which means he’s forcing me to learn more HTML. Damn him.