Waiting on a Date

Today is Date Day for Nizzibet and me. That is, we spend the day together doing something mostly fun.

At the moment she’s napping. It’s been a tiring week for her. She danced with The Demon a few times at the beginning of the week and that wears anyone down.

I’m typing out a few thoughts in between frying up turkey bacon. I’m a big fan of eating bacon but not a big fan of eating pigs so turkey bacon is a good compromise for everyone except the turkey.

Jaydogg is in his office doing whatever it is that he does in there. I know part of the time he’s working on The Co-op’s website. He has an obsession for simplicity and exactness that I find useful to be around. It helps me focus when working on my own art and design projects. My tendencies are toward chaos and noise and detail – colors clash, every brick is on the wall, the page is filled with lines.

About time to wake Nizzibet.