Linking Corners of the World

“Some people live forever in one place and never learn a thing about it,” I said. “They might as well have travelled the world.”

The above is from Lovesettlement ‘s last post. Which I think was on the 11th. I wasn’t paying attention to the date. He’s describing a conversation that leads up to that but I think the summing up stands by itself. Heh.

Today is link day. Here are blogs and sites by friends and acquaintances and interesting strangers.

Pia Guerra

Shepherd Hendrix

Roberta Gregory

Jenn Manley Lee

Kip Manley

Lousia Bojar

Jordan Bojar

Nathan Shumate

Caitlin Kiernan

And lest I forget –

The Anomalist

Fortean Times

Because life can never be too weird.