Creative Agendas

Creative projects for the next six months –

Number One – This weblog. Ongoing.

Number Two – Wild Nights in Oz Chapter Three. I’ve had three pages to finish for almost SIX years now. That’s appalling. At that rate Lovesettlement and I won’t be done with that story until the 22nd century. So those last three pages get done this month.

Number Three – Whatever the hell script our little writing enclave works on every Saturday. If ScarletBlue and PresiD decide that the partnership doesn’t work, Nizzibet and I have made a pact to work on scripts between the two of us on Saturdays anyway. The scripts will be done when they get done.

Number Four – The 2004 Calendar. More on that as work progress. This month I’m designing a font for it. I’d like to have the whole project complete by mid-summer.

Number Five – Mandate of Heaven role playing game. The Thinker is writing it. Grumpyman and I are illustrating it. Jaydogg is doing the book design. Whether or not the game is any good, our source manual is going to look kickass. The Thinker is going to playtest the game with Nizzibet and I to see how well it works for role playing novices and then he’ll do it again for some folks he knows who have played the rule system he’s basing the game in. We want the manual to be in the stores at the same time the second Matrix sequel is in the theatres. That means having it at the printers by the end of July.

That should keep me busy. I’ll no doubt think I’ve got time to take on other projects even when I’m chin deep in these. I seem to be happiest when I’m doing a little too much.