Summer Ghost Walking

Color it summer. It isn’t hot but it’s certainly not winter weather.

We had a gorgeous full moon last night. After Farscape Skook, Nizzibet and I went for a walk. We stuck to the alleys that run through all the blocks in this neighborhood. When Nizzibet’s leg finally gave out Skook gave her a shoulder ride. That meant her head was something like ten feet up in the air.

I can imagine some poor soul, sitting on his back porch trading swigs from a beer and puffs from a cigarette, looking over his back fence and seeing a white laughing face floating through the darkness. It’s one thing to call the cops and say you’ve seen sasquatch. It’s another to say you’ve seen a ghost. I wonder which one would have people think you were crazier?

I passed on a ride myself. It would be too much of a reminder of how much bigger than me Skook is. Animals that are significantly bigger than I am make me nervous. I can’t see myself riding horses, much less an elephant. And big strange humans give me an unsettled feeling no matter how friendly they are. I suspect that there is some jealous involved. I’m taller than most humans and back in my reptile brain I don’t appreciate anyone looking down on me.

Scriptwriting got postponed another week. PresiD and Mr. Charisma are still working on contract details. So ScarletBlue came over to take our give aways to Deseret Industries and we ended up going shopping – Costco (cause who can say no to food in bulk) & Value Village. (ScarletBlue acted as Nizzibet’s fashion consultant and I poked through the used books).

Nizzibet and I will be jamming on story ideas once I get this posted. We’ll grab some coffee and sit in the sun and natter at each other. A good way to end a day.