Much Bigger Than a Bread Box

How does one hide a sasquatch?

We’ve got a bunch of folks coming over for brunch this morning. None of them know about Skook. I’d rather none of them did. They’re all nice people. It’s just that secrets are more easily kept secret when few people know them.

I could ask him to sleep in the garage today. I doubt that he’d care. Unfortunately we’ve filled up the garage since he moved out of it. There’s not a lot of room for him in there anymore. I’ve seen him slip into some tight places, places it’s hard to imagine a seven foot tall anything fitting in, but even so, the garage is too full.

So I’ll get out the tarp and cover him up. Maybe I can convince Paliki to sleep on top of him and make him look more like furniture. There’s not much to worry over really. None of our guests is likely to go downstairs unless we invite them. He’ll sleep through all the noise we make. If we have leftovers I’ll just give them to him when he wakes up.

That’s one of the best things about having Skook around. I never feel like food goes to waste. He makes the extra disappear in seconds. He should have a good variety today. Nizzibet is making Apple Raisin French Toast and I making a big scrambled egg thing. Most everyone who coming will be bringing something to share and leaving the uneaten bits behind. I’ll just toss it all in a bowl and he’ll snack on it before he heads out tonight.