Shower Limbo

Bath night last night. For Skook that is. I bathe in the morning. Take a shower. Skook would trash our bathroom if he tried to use the shower. I doubt he’d manage to get wet in all the necessary areas either. The shower head only comes up to the bottom of his rib cage. I have the same problem with the shower at my Mom’s house but I can limbo around enough to compensate. Skook is far too wide for the same sort of twisting about in our shower stall. Taking a bath in that tub is even less of a possibility. His butt, his back, his everything is far too wide. There’d be no room for water in the tub.

There are plenty of places around town for a sasquatch to bathe. A lot of the time Skook heads over to the zoo and dunks himself in one of the moats. If he feels like stretching his legs a bit more he can use the reservoir over in the Roosevelt neighborhood. Some unsuspecting Seattlite’s hose will do in a pinch.

Last night, after watching the newest Angel and a tape of Tuesday’s Buffy, Skook, Nizzibet and I walked down to Golden Gardens. Skook uses the duck pond there for his bath. With all the rain of the last few day we had to be careful going down hill – the path is plain mud right now. We also took care to walk on Skook’s tracks. He doesn’t leave many but we like to be sure. There was little worry that we’d run into anyone. By ten o’clock on a wet Wednesday night most people in Ballard are in doors.

Nizzibet and I only got halfway before her leg started bothering her. The path is a fairly steep downhill all the way to beach. So going home is an uphill climb. Skook offered to carry her back home but she wanted to give the leg a workout. So Nizzibet and I trudged back up hill while Skook continued down. Without us along he avoided the path altogether. I’m always impressed by how quietly someone as big as he is can move.

Nizz and I got home and got to bed way too late. It’s taken me an hour and a half and two cups of coffee to get to my keyboard. If it wasn’t for Paliki’s insistence that she needed feeding I don’t know that I’d be up yet.