Pointing Clickers

The Black Seal’s new, redesigned website is up. I ran into a few problems accessing it yesterday but those problems seem to be mostly fixed this morning. If you’re someone who has wandered over here from there – Welcome! Despite good intentions I’m a sporadic poster. If I were just putting sketches up I’d probably manage it more frequently. I get five pages of sketching done for every half page of prose. And most of that prose I wouldn’t put up.

There will be no poetry on this page. For that, go to Lovesettlement. He’s got a way with words I can’t hope to compete with.

For political opinions try some of Sarah Byam’s essays at Tuppenceworth or check out the carefully crafted rants at Longstoryshortpier or the toons Amptoons or In Contempt (and then read the blogs that are attached to those) or, well, go anywhere but here. My political opinions all seem to be driven by a screaming psychotic yahoo back in my lizard brain who advocates a scorched earth policy for just about any situation he disagrees with. He’s fun at parties and around the house but I wouldn’t let him put his views in print.

For comics, start with the links to left. I keep intending to add more. Ultimately, saving links to good webcomics is a driving force for creating this blog. Lots of good, eccentric, completely uncommercial comics being done on the web these days. It warms my evil little heart.

And if you’re someone who reads Skook regularly – go check out The Black Seal and order yourself a copy or two. I’ve got quite a few illustrations in the latest issue, stuff I’m pretty proud of. If you’re a gamer it’s a fine source for horror and conspiracy ideas and scenarios.