A Moving Date

No lawn mower action today. It rained this morning. The sun is out now but after a brief evaluation I decided that the grass hadn’t grown enough for me to feel obligated to drag out the mower and beat it back. Since I find myself using the term obligated I’d guess I’m also feeling lazy. On top of sore from the hefting and hauling of furnitures.

Saturday is the normally the day that Nizzibet and I have set aside for Date Day, Couple Time, Hanging Out With the Spouse.We didn’t manage much togetherness this Saturday. Helping DoubleM redistribute her ex’s possessions took care of that. No drama involved in the process at least. I do not like to be around bitter ex-couples. They’re not cute or sexy when they’re spewing bile at each other. Fortunately M’s previous is just moving to East Coast and wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff to make the move easier. We (between Nizzibet and Jaydogg and I) are richer now by two chairs, a bookcase, an entertainment center and an espresso maker. Nizzibet stayed at home. She had a bout of sickness of her own on Thursday and Friday. When that happens it’s safer to stay away from heavy work and exercise. Cuts down on the likelihood that she’ll overdo it trying to keep up with healthy folks and drop something heavy on something fragile. Like her foot. She has skinny fragile feet.

Once the moving was complete we ended up watching DoubleM’s daughter LittleM while M and Jaydogg took care of returning the U-Haul and tracking down the dolly that someone had forgotten to return to the truck. M is four. Normally she’s a barely contained hurricane. Last night she had a stomach ache damping her enthusiasm for world domination. After a day of dragging about furniture I appreciated her relative quiet.

The two chairs have already been cat tested by Paliki. They are porch chairs with washable cushions. Paliki had hunkered down on one of them within a half hour of it’s placement on the porch yesterday and I found her splayed out on the other one when I went out to get the paper this morning.

Jaydogg claims he’s going to put the bookshelf into his office. Exactly how he’ll do that I have a hard time imagining. Especially after he was saying how much he hated moving yesterday. Nothing the size of that bookcase is going in his office without some serious moving of other things.