The World Passing By

The great thing about porch furniture is that you can sit on your porch. I know that seems obvious but I kind of forgot about it when we didn’t have it. Paliki is still getting more use out it than we are. There have been nights when I open the door to let her in before I head to bed and she ignores me. She’s got a nice comfy chair. She’s got fresh air. Why should she come inside?

I’d still prefer a couch out there. Except for work I prefer sitting on couches than in chairs. Couches are for lounging. They are for stretching out and kicking back. They are for cramming bunches of people together in big monkey piles. Jaydogg nixed the idea of keeping a couch on the porch though. I believe he thought it was tacky.

I sat on the porch this morning drinking coffee. Cold leftover coffee. Skook joined me (he just sit on the porch itself, his butt is too wide for the furniture) and we sat watching the dogwalkers going by. I’m always amazed by the number of dogs in the neighborhood. It’s rare to walk anywhere without running into someone and their dog.

More evidence that I’m not a dog person – I don’t feel a need to say hello to every dog I pass. I find a lot of them amusing and smile at their human companions but that’s about the extent of the greeting. I don’t pass a cat without requesting an interaction.

Skook and I made a game out of guessing when the dogs would increase their pace. They know Skook is on the porch and want to get by as quickly as possible. Most of them start really pulling their leash when they hit Dick’s property. Dick’s place is two houses to the south. I can’t tell when relax again because our view to north is obscured by foliage. Can’t tell when the ones coming from the north start hurrying either. Those heading south do seem to mellow out once they’ve hit The Bearded Guy’s place just past Dick’s.

We watched 7 human/canine combinations go past before I ran out of coffee. Skook’s downstairs now and I’m trying to figure out what to have for breakfast.