Just A Thing

B-Movie Monster Re-imagination Project

Doesn’t that just sound important and significant and hollywood dumb? I’m creating new designs for critters from the b-movies of yesteryear. Most of the costumes for the monsters in b-movies were designed and put together by people whose main concern was budget and speed rather than scientific plausibility. I’ve been playing around in my sketchbook, trying to make these beasts look more plausible while still retaining the basic ideas behind their original designs.

Between having a gallery up at Epilogue.net and TwoM having given me a new set of colored pencils I thought I’d do some more elaborate drawings. I can’t just post my sketches on Epilogue since one of their requirements for acceptance is that the pieces have some sort of background in them.

Here is my version of The Thing From Another World. My reworking here was fairly easy. The original monster looks a lot like the Universal Frankenstein monster and it’s supposed to be a kind of ambulatory plant. The biggest thing I had to think about was why a plant would wear clothes. And what would they be made of?

Alien spider silk. With the spiders still in residence. They even repair the outfit when it tears – take a look at the group working on The Thing’s right arm.