The Project List

I submitted another color piece to last night. Still going through approval stages this morning so I don’t want to write about it until I’m sure there’s something to link to.

Nizzibet and I will be taking next week as a second honeymoon. Not that we’re doing much of anything. We’re certainly not going anywhere, no budget for that. We’re going to hang out, catch matinees, get started working on the 2004 calendar and generally bask in each other’s company.

My plate is full projectwise. Always seems to be –

I finished the art for Chapter Three of Wild Nights in Oz and just need a script from Lovesettlement to get started on Chapter Four.

I’m lagging on art for Mandate of Heaven. Entirely my fault there.

I’ll be getting started on art for The Black Seal #3 shortly. Quickly followed by #4, the soon to be infamous Vietnam issue.

I finally started inking Arachne. I’d been intending to do the work in the computer but after finishing Wild Nights I realized that it will be faster and better looking to do it the old fashioned way.

I’ve blocked out the first chapter of Finnegan’s Brink. This is a new rendition of the graphic novel that Nizzibet and I started on back in the nineties. Like Wild Nights, I’m not worried about where we’ll publish it. Maybe we’ll put it on the web, maybe we’ll do mini-comics, maybe we’ll find a publisher. It’s going to take a few years to get it done so the emphasis right now will be on doing the work not on finding an audience.

There are also about a half a dozen projects that I’m waffling on whether I can get them done or if I need to just go ahead and say no to. I hate saying no to people. I keep hoping that somehow I’ll find the time or energy to devote to those “extra” projects.

And at the background of it all is Sentient 39. Another story all by itself.