One of Our Websites is Missing


I add a link to Epilogue, what, yesterday? The day before? And the site goes bye-bye. I don’t think they are out of business or actually dead. They had put up warnings that they were running slow and going to be transferring to a new server. So perhaps that’s what happening. Whatever it is, as of 5:48 this morning, I couldn’t access the site. I had another piece to submit to my gallery too.

In other news, we (Jaydogg, Nizzibet and I) have been waiting for the last three and a half weeks for word from the landlord as to whether he’s going to sell our house. At the same time he’s considering trying to sell this one, he’s also trying to rent out another property that just got vacated. Why he doesn’t just sell that one I don’t know. I can guess. I think that property would require more work to make sellable and would get him more rent if he can rent it. He’s offered it to us but, for more money in rent, I’d like a place that was less work than our current one.

That place got remodeled probably back in the seventies and looks like no serious work has been done on it since. Which means we’d need to put some serious work into it to make it nice. We couldn’t count on him to do it. He’s not one to put work into a property unless absolutely necessary. This has been good in that we haven’t seen him much over the years. Bad in that, when the refrigerator started dying, we had to replace it.

I’m suspecting that he’s waiting until he rents the other property before he decides to put this one on the market. But I also think that in our current economy, and in that house’s current state of repair, he’s asking too much for it. So we wait.

Hopefully we’ll be able to stay put. None of us are excited about moving.

I haven’t seen Skook to warn him about this. With the recent heat he’s headed off for somewhere with more shade. Hopefully, if we do have to move, I’ll see him before we go. Aside from being able to tell him where we went, I’d hate for the next tenants to wake up one morning to a sasquatch sleeping in their basement. Though there’s really a slim chance of that. Skook would notice the difference in smells if someone else were living here.