Sidewalk or Not?

Since it appears that we won’t be moving in the next month it’s time to get back to Project Simplification. We want to be ready to move when our lease (still not signed or confirmed) is up. Like most house monkeys we’ve acquired a lot of stuff that we don’t actually need or want that we just haven’t gotten around to getting rid of. Because it might be useful “someday”. Or because it will take an effort to get rid of it.

There’s quite a bit of stuff in the garage that I’d like to sidewalk but the rain has finally come back. Sidewalking is the Seattle custom of putting stuff you don’t want to put effort into getting rid of out onto the sidewalk. Usually a “free” sign is attached to the item. Anyone with a pickup truck could probably furnish an apartment in an hour on a Monday morning. (Saturday and Sunday are the garage sales or the times people get around to cleaning their residences.) Trouble is, it rains in Seattle. So that couch that got sidewalked on a hot clear Sunday afternoon is a squishy sponge by 7 am Monday morning.

Fortunately we don’t have any couches to get rid of. We have them but I’m not one to get rid of any potential nap spot. What I’m more afraid of than having wet furniture sulking in front of the house is that I’ll put something out and then, after staring at it for a few hours, I’ll want it back. Gaaah.