Ahoy There!

I’ve been pirated. My Mi-Go illustration from the Delta Green site has been posted to a couple of other sites without my permission. I’m a little flattered.

I found the first one at a Russian Lovecraft site. Since they have included my credit on the piece I really didn’t mind. They’d also made the effort to put together a lot of renditions of Lovecraftian beasties so the site was fun to browse even though I don’t speak Russian. I sent them an email thanking them for posting my name along with the art.

I found the second one last week at Mestrene.net which seems to be a German (Austrian? Swiss?) gaming site. They didn’t credit the piece. I haven’t decided whether to contact them or not. Fundamentally I think it’s funny but there’s this nagging voice in the back of my head that says I need to address these sorts of things.