While Trying to Bore a Child, I Accomplish Something

Sunday night LoL was having its weekly meeting (it’s normally on Thursday but both Nizzibet and TwoM had scheduling issues) and I was puttering in the basement. Little M got tired of playing by herself and asked if she could come hang out with me. Hoping to bore her into going back upstairs I set to work tidying up the desk at my art station. The thing is covered with old bills that need filing, letters that need organizing, notes for this and that and god knows what else.

Silly me. Most kids would rather hang out with someone who is listening to them (even if that person is doing something “adult” and incomprehensible) than hang out by themselves. So I ended up actually getting some of the desk organized. And I found my passwords to Sentient 39, my Keenspace site. I set the site up a year ago and, for various reasons, never posted anything to it.

I’ve checked. The site seems to be active. Keenspace isn’t as user friendly as Epilogue. In order use it I’m going to have to learn some more html and find an ftp program. At the moment I’m not sure what I’d put up there. The original concepts I had when I signed up last year are still active in my imagination but they’re more complex than I want to tackle right now. Wild Nights in Oz wouldn’t look very good there. Finnegan’s Brink is a nice limited project that would fit there nicely but it’s still bigger than I’m ready to tackle a the moment. I’m sure something will come up. And it’s not like I’ve nothing else to do in the meantime.