Seasons Change

Autumn is bringing back the rain. I’ve missed it.

I moved up here for the weather. For the variety of weather. We’ve been having entirely too much sun. Since I spend my work days in an office without windows and much of my mornings and evenings puttering in a basement I haven’t gotten to see the sun enough to appreciate it. The inefficient airconditioning at work also means that the sun’s heat becomes thicker and heavier in the building than outside. Rain plays percussion on the skylights over my desk; announcing its pressence with more energy than what seems to come from the sun.

Paliki is spending more time indoors. She’s not so fond of the rain.

Skook can be found snoozing the day away in his regular spot in the basement.

I’ll probably be switching back to hot coffee soon. For the last few months I been drinking it over ice or cool from the turned off pot.