Searching. Finding. Asking.

Some days I find myself searching the internet, almost randomly, clicking from site to site, following links further out and googling for new info on old subjects. Yesterday was like that. No matter what I found, that wasn’t what I was looking for. I know on those days that I’m searching for an epiphany – an answer to a mystery that I can’t define. A piece is missing. I don’t know what it looks like or what will happen if I find it but I feel compelled to look. It’s pretty much guaranteed that I won’t find it. Once I recognize that that’s what I’m doing I’m usually willing to do something else.

On the way home I stopped in at one of the local used book shops. I wanted to pick up a copy of Mallory’s Oracle for BigSister. Since she likes Andrew Vachss’s work I figure she’d like Carol O’Connell. No luck with Mallory. But sitting on the shelf were Night of Morningstar and Dragon’s Claw, two Modesty Blaise novels. Hello! Good condition paperbacks at a low price. Best part is, it was a complete surprise. I’ve so rarely seen Modesty Blaise books in stores that I’d forgotten to look for them.

To top the day off I called the Mother and invited her to come live with us. She didn’t say yes. She didn’t say no. She was happy I asked. If she does say yes there will be a lot of things to arrange to make this work. But one thing at a time.