Net Paranoia

There’s something called the Names Database at According to my paranoid mind it’s some sort of name and email harvesting engine. I ran across it in my semiregular googling for old friends. Lo and behold, a friend’s name showed up in their little google snippet. That was unusual right there. Bernice Jinkerson doesn’t show up anywhere.

Thing is, in order to long on to the Names Database you have to give it the names of five people. But if you give it a name it’s already got, it asks you for another name. And another. I never got to the Important Page that I was looking for because, after feeding it a dozen email addresses I gave up. No worries anyone, I didn’t give it your address. I made up addresses. A random name generator could do that.

The weirdest part is that there’s no other listing in google regarding “”. Even more suspicious.