Moving Mom

Aged Mother will be moving in soon, probably the first week of November. We could take her this weekend if she didn’t mind sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Nizzibet spent much time yesterday moving books and furniture out of her office and then rearranging things downstairs to fit the new arrivals. Jaydogg pitched in on moving the bigger pieces of furniture. I spent some hours last night moving books and more furniture. More work will be done tonight.

This weekend we’ll work on getting bedroom type furniture – a box spring and bedframe, a lamp or two, a little heater maybe. We might get around to cleaning out the garage. That job is unrelated to Aged Mother’s arrival. It’s just that once you start moving furniture you might as well keep going until everything has a home again. There is much in the garage that needs to find a home somewhere other than the garage. Preferably on someone else’s property.