Hacking Things Together

Seventeen to Aged Mother

Picked up a box spring to go with the mattress we’ve already got. It doesn’t match. Not a problem though; we can just switch it out with the box spring that we’re using on our bed. It’s the original b.s. that goes with the mattress for Aged Mother. The box spring that goes with the mattress we sleep on wouldn’t fit down the stairs so we jury (jerry?) rigged a b.s. and foam combo.

D.I. was out of single bedframes. Not a problem either. They gave us a sheet of plywood and we’ve got cinderblocks in the garage. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve hacked together furniture. It’s a skill I learned from A.M.

Picked up a reading lamp, end table, mattress pad, sheets and a blanket. Also got a few sweaters for A.M. to layer on when when it gets cold. A.M. would probably say that wasn’t necessary so I probably won’t tell her until she gets here. Better safe than sorry.