Sixteen Days Left

Yesterday was Bosses’ Day, one of those Hallmark holidays. Fortunately I like my boss so I didn’t mind saying nice things about him on the greeting card.

After work I talked to a New Accounts person at my bank. He confirmed that it would be best to wait until Aged Mother is here to do any more banking wrangles. Even though my bank has branches in other states they can’t really trade funds around that easily. We’ll just have to set her up with an account when she gets here and then transfer her direct deposits and savings over the course of the next month. We’ll be able to walk A.M. through all that and then track everything by phone or internet.

Finished the art for the ad that The Black Seal will be running in The Book of Dark Wisdom. Probably got two dozen illustrations (for magazine and website) to go before I’m done with my work on issue three. Sleep is for humans.