Seven Day Until

While going through the garage we discovered a couple of bedframes, including one with wheels. So we’ve switched out the plywood and cinder block combo that we originally used to create Aged Mother’s bed. Now, if she doesn’t like where the bed is, moving it will be a snap.

We cleaned out the kitchen nook and set up the old table that Nizzibet “antiqued” years ago. The chairs that go with it will need a little work. Being out in the garage has caused the cloth to mildew and that will need replacing. Just need a screw driver and a glue gun for that. I don’t think I threw away the glue gun.

And all our books are up on shelves again. I pulled an old shelf set-up out of the cupboard. Dinged up my thumb putting it together. Much book organizing to do in those moments when I don’t feel like doing anything.

And the lawn must be mowed today. Oh joy.