Arrivals and Departures

We picked up Aged Mother and Esteemed Brother at the airport yesterday. E.B. was pushing A.M. in a wheelchair. She can still walk but not the long distances you need to cover in an airport.

Apparently A.M. was one of the designated terrorists for that flight and had to have her baggage searched. No point even being insulted by the dumbness of that. (Maybe she’s an 81 year old evil mastermind. Ya never know.) And A.M. tells us that she didn’t even realize that that’s what had happened until E.B. told the story here at dinner time.

A.M. got herself partly unpacked. There’s still a big suitcase to empty out. I’ve got the next couple of days off so that I can be here while she gets settled in. She only drove me crazy five or six times last night. Entirely to be expected. Nothing that I won’t get used to.

I take E.B. back to the airport this morning.