Imagining Re-Imaginings

If I Ran The Circus –

More specifically, if I could run a comic book company, take the characters and shape their existences, which one would I chose?

Atlas of course. Because it was done so poorly the first time. And I’m such a genius that I’d know how to do things right this time around.

Just imagine what I could do with these brilliant concepts:

John Targitt, The Tarantula and The Destructor

Phoenix, Demon Hunter and The Scorpion

The Cougar, Tales of Evil, Vicki and Devilina

Ironjaw, Brute and Grim Ghost

Wulf the Barbarian, Planet of the Vampires, Morlock 2001 and more!

Oh yeah! Revamping Atlas. Number one thousand two hundred and ninety-one on my list of things to do before I die.