And More

Item #1283 – Publish the Boy’s Life Graphic Novel

Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon would be a fun novel to adapt to comics. Each chapter features some boys’ adventure idea – lake monsters, mobsters, secret Nazi menaces – wrapped in a story of growing up in the early sixties. The original novel is almost 600 pages in the paperback edition. The graphic novel would need to be at least as long to do it justice.

Item #1284 – Publish the Robert R. McCammon Illustrated Library

Produce illustrated editions of all the rest of McCammon’s novels and collections. This would include the ones that he’s decided to let go out of print.

Item #1285 – Learn to Hang Glide

This would be another one of those ambitions that gets less appealing the older I get. Still, if I happened to become wealthy all of sudden and somehow found a lot time on my hands, I’d happily take this up.

Item #1286 – Publish the B-Movie Monster Re-Imagination Project Theatre

This would be a series of comics (graphic novels) adapting a few dozen obscure and sometimes absurd horror movies from the fifties and sixties. The length of each story would vary according to the potential of the story being adapted. Killers From Space. The Astounding She-Monster. It Conquered the World. From Hell It Came. And the ever popular – many more. While a lot of these movies were horrible, only occasionally blessed with an interesting premise, I’m one of those foolish optimists who believes there’s at least one good story to be found in even the stupidest idea. I’d like to test out that optimism. And draw a bunch of goofy monsters of course.