And Still More

Item #1252 – Win the Lottery

Can’t really plan for this one can you? I buy the occasional ticket but I figure my odds of winning are lower than average. I already know someone who won.Statistically that shouldn’t change my chances but still …

Item #1253 – Run a Marathon

More to say I’ve done it than because I have any great attraction to running long distances. I’d probably want to run it somewhere exotic so I’d have somewhere new and different to look at.

Items #1254 – 1278 – Have Sex With …

No celebrities here. Friends and acquaintances. Some I’ve slept with before, most not. No names named. That would be tacky. (As if mentioning it on a list isn’t.)

Item #1279 – Build a Scale Model of New York

(or Tokyo or Paris or London). The city is just background. Once it’s built I’d fill it with model kaiju smashing it down.

Item #1280 – Make the Big Score

In other words, pull off a theft so big that I never have to pull another one again. Really the only kind worth planning.

Nizzibet and I watched a special on the Discovery channel a while back that told the story of a guy who pulled off one of the largest armored car thefts in history. $17 million dollars. He stole so much money that when it came to transfer it to another vehicle they could take it all and abandoned $3 million of it. And then his idiot accomplices made themselves obvious by buying houses and cars and living large throwing around lots of cash. Of course they all got busted. Such stupidity. It was embarrassing to watch.

Item #1281 – Publish The Call

Write it first. Duh. Or write it and draw it, since, as with all stories, I imagine doing it as a comic. The Call is a novel length expansion of The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft. It follows a trio of survivors of LeGrasse’s bayou raid in 1908 through the Great War and the Jazz Age to the rising of R’Lyeh in 1925. Romance, adventure, history, conspiracy, politics and madness. Always with the madness.

I don’t even want to think about how many pages it might run.