The List Grows

Item #1249 – Publish a Coffee Table Book of Photos of My Friends

Pure vanity project here. Do a series of photos of my friends and family and publish a nice hard cover book of the results as a Christmas present for them. I’d be fine having someone else be the photographer. Some of those friends are much better photographers than I am.

Item #1250 – Stay Drunk All Day

I tried this for one of my birthdays years ago. It took me two hours to finish my first beer of the morning. The appeal of this idea these days is more in having the time to actually spend a day doing something that dumb and unproductive than in the actual drunkness.

Item #1251 – Cycle Around the USA

Basically that. Cycle around the United States. Start on one coast, cycle the small roads over to the other coast and head back taking a different set of small roads. I get the feeling that this couldn’t be done in one trip, at least not comfortably – what with seasons changing and all.