Email Added

Yes, that’s my email address on the right. Way down there. Above Meaningless Statistics. Just to make it easier to talk to me. Hopefully it still requires a tweak in order to use it. I’ve put spaces on either side of the @. I’m happy to get letters. Just a few words of caution –

1. I’m a lousy correspondent. I used to be very good at returning letters back when they required stamps and envelopes. No longer. I try to respond to every letter I get but it sometimes takes a while – a long while.

2. If I don’t know you include my name or some obvious reference to my galleries or posts in the subject line of your email. I get lots of spam and delete most emails from unfamiliar addresses unread. “Hey” or “How’s it going” or “Remember Me?” or “URGENT REQUEST” will all be ignored.

Happy Holidays!