Those Brightly Colored Pamphlets

Huge Comic Book Collection! Rare Number Ones! Worth Thousands!

I’ve been looking through ebay’s listings for “comic collections”. I’ve got a huge one of my own that, barring a miracle, I’ll need to sell. As far as I can tell, there are currently no comparable collections available. Sure, there are a number of large collections being shilled but they aren’t as big or as broad as mine. That’s not bragging. It’s not a matter of pride. It’s a matter of numbers. I spent more on comics than I ever did on any my other vices. Certainly more than I ever spent on drugs and alcohol.

With Aged Mother here and us needing to empty out the house in California I need to find homes for my stuff. Some of it, my books and photographs, Lovesettlement should be able to send up here fairly easily. My artwork will be more problematic. Some of it I want. Some of it I have no use for. Mostly I wouldn’t know one way or another without seeing it first. There’s toys and tchotckies and junk that I guess I could lay claim to that I’m fine if I never see it again. My glow in the dark Creature from the Black Lagoon and Godzilla would be nice to see again but, really, I don’t have a place for them. That stuff can go into a dumpster with A.M.’s beat up furniture and triplepatched clothes.

So the biggest chunk of Stuff is the comics. Thousands of them.

What are they worth?

Please. Not a damn thing. Or thousands of dollars. It’s all a matter of who is looking at them. To me, they’re priceless. To many of my friends they might be sort of neat but not really worth the time it takes to move them. That’s something that a lot of Collectors don’t get. Just because some book says that your Badly Drawn Musclefreak #0 is worth $350 doesn’t mean that anyone will pay half that much for it.

I’ve made an all-or-nothing offer of them to one of my friends who was heavily into comics back in the day. I suspect that he’ll pass on them. He wants to look at them first. That’s cool. It just doesn’t work for him to take what he wants and leave us still having thousands of comics to move.

I doubt that I’ll have a chance to look through the collection again myself before it goes. If I could afford to go to California to do that I could afford to get it back here.

So, it goes.