An Incomplete List

Counting Blessings – Friends and Family

There’s no order to this. No ranking. No details. I wrote down names as they came to me and added in new names as I typed. Went away, remembered someone, came back and dropped their name in the middle of things. No doubt I’ve spelled some names wrong (or you’ve changed them and I didn’t know/have forgotten). Y’all here have been bright spots in my life – some for brief moments, others for decades. Cheers! And thank you.

Sarah Byam

Staci Shirley

Ninnah Curtis

Helen Ingersoll

Glenn Ingersoll

Kent Mannis

CreativeTechs (Craig, Melody, Eric and Kyle)

Cindy Parker

Cindy Pyborn

Andree Kessel

John Kessel

Rae Dinsmore

Karyn O’Hearn

Dan Chappell

Yvonne (of that Voice)

Memi Robles

Patrick O’Hearn

John Gerboth

John Pagel

Lora Ray

Cabernet Lazarus

Amy Swallow

Jonathan Grossman

Cherie Miller-Hanni

Rob Hanni

Eric Hanni

Yvonne Johnson

Lora Bertaina

Leann Hayes

Don Sisler

Maria Bavuso

Ellen (formerly) Kucera

Scott Tolson

Jan Ingersoll

Bernice Ingersoll

Dion and Rachel Batres

Tony Batres

Robert Ingersoll

Dad (Bruce Ingersoll Sr.)

Jake and Jenn Oxrieder

Joe Oxrieder

Bruce Ingersoll Jr.

Jason Oxrieder

Mary Jo Oxrieder

Emily Manning

Marnie Manning

Ruth Cohen

Lou Jansen

Conrad and Laura Denke

Jedd Parker

Maya Dunstan and Terra



Jason Grant

Phil Taggart

Heather Deviveiros

Maria Grau and Fritz

Chris Callahan

Kris Syversen

Andy Syversen

Crissy Smith

Schuyler and David Waynforth

Jane Hamilton

Marcus Chappell

Pam Chappell

Sevilla and Sam Travis

Alaine Nijenhuis

Jackie McClure

Heidi Langeberg

Gregg Victor

Sarajenny Chiro

Jeremy Sharp

Cordell and Ann Stillman

Charles Baumgardner

Deborah Clubb

Louise Bailey

Cynthia Mellin

Kat Glennie

Edd Vick

Amy Thompson

Elder Tune

Elder Smith

Elder Boone

Shep Hendrix and Gayle

Pia Guerra

Roberta Gregory

Donna Barr

Kip Manley

Jenn Manley Lee

The Black Seal Gang (David, Davide, Nick, Adam, JT, Phil, Giles (at least))

Jeff and Teresa Swenson

Venke Syveren

Mark Syversen

Amy Gibson

Gregg Victor

Deneen Cunningham

Matt Sanders

Kathy Spillane

Ryan Kursh

Peter Worley

Nic Rademacher

Glenn Simpson

Tim Leavitt

Nicki Horton

Ivan Chait

Hawk Chait

Bernice Jinkerson

Rose Curtis

Sierra Perkins

Anne and Jack Grant

Christopher Scavetto

Ed Sprancis



Brigitta Hunter

Lisa Furton

Christina Rodriguez

Beth Hanni

Knute Calendar

Lisa Temple

Ethan Temple

Rodney Aho

Kuleen McGrath

Derek Fetters

Emily Ross

Tim Lowery

Stephanie Costa

Yogi and Joy Beatty

Jennifer Hallam

Alan Berendson

Dirk Voss

Justin Norman

Jordan and Louisa Bojar

Dave Campbell

Jessica DeWolf

Geoff Skinner

Jeff Schaeffer

Erika Faxon

Doug Faxon

Chris and Karen Carpenter

Dylan Bennett

Marcus Bennett

John and Deanna Johns

Tom and Barbara Mannell

Jessica Grady

Sandy Redlich

Jeannine Garczynski

Jeannine Kouns

Daniel Rivers

Vicki Gotcher

Aurora Valentine

Phil Taggart

Lara Bertaina

Beth and Bill Cary

Tony Burger

Mary Carrigan

Rau Carriker

Jo Ann Crank

Chris at Perelandra

Lee and Jean Avera

Deborah Corrington

Shelly Lazark

Lena Boa

Lori Schilling

Jeff Simpson

Gweneth Shears

Bronwyn Shears

Melinda Cole

Jonathan Williams

Lori Alexander

Michael and Heather O’Connell

Brian O’Connell

Ted Naifeh

Tasha Amme

George Herring

Matt Skoog

Christine Masaoka, John Ross

Hope Levy

Joel Goldes

Morton Bergue

Daphne Nachtigall

Steve and Diann Streng

Tony Vigil

Serra Pagel

Leif Jones

Yvette Berthaud

Arby Bernt

Marge Everidge

Debra Burson

Shawn Broderick

Karen Schultz

Sheila Hart

Jackie Spaulding

Autumn Summers

Kevin Kennedy

Karen Washington

James O’Donnell

If your name isn’t here (and I’m sure a few of you aren’t) it’s more likely because my memory has holes in it this (and every other) morning than because I lack affection for you. My apologies.

Merry merry!

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  1. This is a great list. I think I will make one too. Glad to be on your list. You are on mine too. :O)

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