Merry Merry!

Not A Creature Was Stirring

Christmas Day. No body is up yet but me and the cat. Possibly Skook is still awake but with the sun coming up somewhere behind those dark clouds I rather doubt it. I’m not feeling like dragging on my shoes to lurch out to the garage to see. Christmas is a human holiday. Heck, holidays are a human thing. Sasquatch have the occasional gatherings but those are apparently more political than celebrational. I couldn’t get a lot of details on them.

We’re celebrating Christmas by eating chinese food and watching movies. We watched The Chosen and Billy Bathgate last night. The fridge is too full to try squeezing anything else in so the chinese food is sitting outside in the car. It’s been almost as cold as the inside of a refrigerator at night the last month. Hopefully Skook didn’t decide to check out the car on his way home. If so then I guess we’re eating tuna casserole while we watch The Two Towers and Firefly today.

Merry merry Y’all!