Or, to Put it Simply: FUCK YOU DONALD

The Gay Marriage Thing

I don’t get it. What is it about male/female marriage that needs defending? What is it that makes the institution so fragile that it can’t be expanded to include male/male or female/female marriage?

Nizzibet and I are married. Been that way for the last nine years. “Officially” we got married in 2001 and thereby ended the one major argument we’d been having since we got together. We weren’t arguing about whether or not to get married, just about what sort of ceremony we were going to have. We finally compromised and had two. One here in the Northwest of the quiet and sacred variety and another down in California of the sunny, loud and crowded type.

Neither of those ceremonies is our marriage. Our marriage is what we do every day. It’s not something that will be threatened when someone else gets married. The stresses come from wobbly finances, differences in temperment, balancing our time for chores/intimacy/creativity and (at the moment) taking care of a dotty Aged Mother. Whether or not LuvSet and BlueMonkey or LH and CK or MD and T tie the knot brings no threat to our union. (Except we’d have to figure out how we could stretch our budget to attend the ceremonies if they were held in California.)

I’ve yet to read an argument against gay marriage that makes logical sense. And the argument should make logical sense. Anyone using the Bible as justification for their argument is just being silly. And stupid. That book can be used to argue against anything. Spare me the Divine Word of God hooey. Me and God, we had a talk once (limited to one sentence and He was doing the talking) and I’ll take His Word over yours.

So, no logical argument against gay marriage. None. Barry over at his journal on Amptoons has had quite few posts on the subject. If you’re interested start here and then look around. He’s far better than I at constructing a reasoned argument (and then presenting it without foaming at the mouth).

What prompted this post?

This letter from American Family Association –

Dear David,

Participation in America’s Poll on Homosexual Marriage at www.marriagepoll.com continues at a steady pace. As of noon Saturday, December 28, the results were as follows:

– I oppose legalization of homosexual marriage and “civil unions” total votes: 201913

– I favor legalization of homosexual marriage total votes: 378689

– I favor a “civil union” with the full benefits of marriage except

for the name: 52238

If you have not already voted, go to www.marriagepoll.com to do so.

Be sure to forward the poll on to your family and friends.

Only votes that have a valid email address associated with them will

be counted. We will be purging those with invalid email addresses,

which may cause poll results to change somewhat.



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman

American Family Association

P.S. Please forward this email to at least one friend.

So consider this a forward. Go say hi to Don and vote in his little poll.