Nailing Down Ephemera

Having Stepped Out Of The Airplane, I Begin To Redecorate

Part of the fun of the web is the ephemeral nature of it all. It’s the perfect George Lucas (or Orwell, depending on your taste) environment. Don’t like what you’ve posted? Pull it down and put something else up.

Between now and the first posting for The Journals of Lado Perapek on Thursday I’ll be cleaning up and clearing out the Sentient 39 site. There’ll be no evidence that I ever intended to post such a creature as The Cauldron. All the “coming soon” pages will be replaced by new art work. All the link images will be brought in line with the new world order.

This is assuming that I can keep Aged Mother busy (or asleep) long enough to pull it off. And I can get the shopping done quickly.