Needs, Wants and Wishes

Happy New Year!

This journal is just a few days shy of a year old. It’s the longest sustained journal exercise I’ve ever done. I fell far short of my initial goal of posting every day but them’s the breaks.

Today is the day that Nizzibet and I traditionally go over the previous year’s events and then make plans for the year just beginning. We look at what we need (that which is necessary to mental and physical health), what we want (that which we would make an effort to achieve or aquire) and what we wish for (that which would be nice to achieve or aquire but isn’t really something that we feel a need to make an effort for) and plan for how we can support each other in taking care of the needs and the wants. (Wishes, being fanciful desires, we don’t pay too much attention to. Except perhaps to make note of them as possible presents later in the year.)

It’s going to be a little tricky taking care of this while watching out for Aged Mother but we’ll figure something out.

Best wishes, one and all.