Breakfast with A.M.

Sitting Around With Mom

No. Not doing a damn thing that I consider fun or useful. The cat appreciates me donating a lap but she’d appreciate it more if I’d spend the time petting her rather than typing. Aged Mother is having breakfast. Should be done shortly. Which means anytime in the next hour.

Why am I spending the time telling y’all about it? Gawd. I don’t know. So many things to do today (and tomorrow and the next and the next) and huge chunks of the day are spent directing AM in taking care of basic survival functions. Her sophisticated human brain, now that it no longer works smoothly, seems more to hinder the process than to help. She gets stuck in thought loops. She knows she’s supposed to be doing something but can’t remember what it was. And it’s a rare thought seems able to go from point A to point B without taking a detour to X and then getting distracted by M.

She’s good natured about most of it. And when there is an upset it’s usually easy to distract her. And then she seems to forget.