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Latest Entertainments –

Bulletproof Monk

the Movie. Haven’t read the comic. Might be brilliant. The movie is fun. Many silly stunts. The leads play off each other pretty well. But …

Enough with the Nazis as villains. Yeah, Nazis are Evil. Yeah they had fashion sense. So what? They’re easy.

Compliments to Chow Yung Fat on the improvement to his English speaking skills. He’s picked it up pretty fast. He could use some more baritone in his voice for that action hero thrust but that my cultural/personal prejudice speaking.


Fun to watch once. Unlike The Sixth Sense or Fight Club (two other “gimmick” movies that come to mind), I can’t see myself watching this again. Seems almost like it would have been more fun if it had been lower budget with unknown actors. I’d have had different expectations. Still, as said, fun to watch once.


Dream Sequence. The latest collection from Carla Speed McNeil. I love this series. Probably would have hated it as a kid. Too much open ended, not spelled out clearly, stuff going on. I’m sure it’s all crystal in McNeil’s head. Her footnotes at the back of the book spell out a lot of the “what was that?” Recommended for any reader of SF, especially someone who enjoys Ursula LeGuin or Sheri S. Tepper.