Words of Encouragement

Write Damn You!

You. On the list. From the 24th. Write. Get yourself a weblog and write.

I understand if you only write intermittently. I understand if all that gets written is a description of your less than exciting visit to the DMV. Sometimes that’s what life looks like.

You think you don’t have anything to say? Worry not. There are over a million weblogs out there right now and more are getting created all the time. Most of them have less than a dozen readers. If those stats down the page are any indication there are around ten people a deal reading my ramblings. Don’t waste your time writing for the masses. Write for the entertainment of it. Write to get it out. Write for me.

Not just ’cause it’s all about me. You may not think it’s all about me. I’m cool with that. Occasionally I consider the possibility that the world doesn’t exist just for my amusement.

Cause I want to know what’s going on with you. Tell me about your kids. Or your motorcycle. Or your redecoration. The new job. The lack of job. The cat. The dog. The feeling of impending doom. The latest book you read or movie you watched or what the weather is like. If you’re more tech savvy than I, get yourself one of the alternatives to Blogger. One that allows comments. Not that you’ll hear from me much.

I’m lame that way. I write most of my posts in between getting the Aged Mother breakfast. After that my ability to hold a linear thought gets taken up at work. By evening I’m good for holding a conversation with Nizzibet and little else. That’s my excuse.


And let me know you’re doing it. My address is down there above the meaningless statistics. Just remove the spaces around the @.