Continuing Correspondence

The Mystery Person replies –


I didn’t mean the crystalline reference to be a clue to my identity. I meant it only to assure you that really I once knew you. Here is something more definite:

You told me you once took so many hits of acid that the entire world turned into crystals. Everything you looked at took a crystalline form: trees, houses, people.

There was probably more…but that’s all I remember…my memory is clouded as well.

Our conversation itself was the thought of the day? Not quite what I intended, but I’ll work with it. I’m game as well.

Elaboration will be delayed a few days. I need to carefully study your blog. It appears a lot has changed over the years.

Something at least semi-profound is coming…


The world turning crystalline while on acid happened. (Or seemed to. Nothing really happens on acid.) And I’ve no doubt that I knew you, MP, back in the day. I tend to take people at their word. Someone says h/s/it knew me? Innocent until proven guilty. (Or maybe that should be vice versa)

Part of the fascination of this, MP, is that (I suspect) both of us are trying to figure out what the other is thinking. Since I don’t know who you are I’m looking for clues in everything you say, even if no clue is intended. You (perhaps) are thinking of what you can say to play the game without having the game end too soon.

I get a clue as to how clearly I’m communicating. “Granite” was the thought for the day yesterday. Heh.

Please, read the blog. I’m not sure how good it is for showing how I’ve changed. I generally write to amuse (and vent) rather than inform. And how much I will seem to have changed will depend on how you knew me. I readily admit to being a different person with different people. If you come back with something profound, great! If not, come back anyway. One can never have too many friends.

I’m a lousy correspondent. That’s one big change over the years. Having Aged Mother around isn’t improving that. But if you knew me then you probably knew some of the people I still know. I can put you back in contact with some of them if you’re interested.

Thought for the day: Sleeping bag.