Ten Years Late

Finally got a copy of the Millenium Oz Squad Special #1 and yes, it does feature six pages of my art. Until now I wasn’t sure if any of my pages had been used. Nothing to go out of your way to find, it’s not my best work. The author, Steve Ahlquist, has disavowed the entire project.

One of these days I’ll get it together to do a page on Oz Squad. I can’t really provide links to anyone else’s description of the series because I haven’t found any that I think do it justice. It’s hated by some of the hard core Oz fans. Unjustly I think. For all the “dark and gritty” (which was part of the joke), the series had whimsy.

Having this comic means that I’ve now got copies of almost all my published comics work. Somewhere out there, still to find, is Dangerman. I illustrated that entire comic – twenty-seven pages plus the cover back in 1994. If anyone has a copy I’d love to see it.