No New Ideas

I love it when I discover that someone else has the same idea for a story that I do. It means one of two things –

A. I now have no reason to write that story because some else has now done it as well or better than I would have.

B. I now have a template of what doesn’t work about the idea (for me at least) and I can improve on it.

Hack/Slash isn’t exactly the same idea that’s been tumbling around my head for the last year or so, but it’s close enough that if I were to toon it I’d need to make some major changes. It’s really such an obvious idea – Young woman hunts supernatural serial killers – that I should be surprised that no one has done it before now. Slasher movies have been stumbling about for the last twenty years now. Of course, Hack/Slash might head in a completely different direction than I would have. Sometimes a story takes some serious twists and turns from where it seems to start out. I’ll be interested in checking this out when it hits the stores. (Or more likely when it gets collected and shows up at Half Price Books in a couple of years.)