Mystery Person Tango

The Mystery Person returns. Once again she/he/its statements are in bold and my replies are in italics


You’re killing me. Of course I’ve got the right David Lee Ingersoll. Why, I’ve even got a signed copy of the first “Cheap Thrills” comic (that cuts it down to 100 – now if you could only remember who you gave them to).


Having a copy of “Cheap Thrills” does narrow the field quite a bit both in time and place. You still might be someone I only knew through correspondence. I’d traded a few “Cheap Thrills” with other cartoonists. Not that I think that. I’ve assumed from the beginning that you were someone I knew (perhaps still know) personally. I’m just also being sure to keep open all other possibilities. I try not too assume too much and cut off possible avenues of investigation.

I’m not trying to torment you with this. This is supposed to be fun. Everything I will tell you is true. Personal details would give me away in a second. I will give myself away quickly enough as it is. You’ve probably already figured out my gender.

Rest assured that while I was not your best friend, I was certainly more than a casual acquaintance.

Oh, I am having fun. If I seem terse it’s only from lack of sleep and a narrow window of time to write. That cuts down on my ability to edit and rethink my statements. No upset here. Curious.

Like I said in our previous exchange I’ve assumed that you are male. This being an assumption I’m also not counting on it being true.

More than a casual acquaintance. Hmmm.

I have some questions to ask of you. I am looking for enlightenment. Perhaps our discussion will add something to your blog beyond a simple guessing game.

The questions will be coming.

Ask away. Enlightenment can be found in all sorts of odd places. Maybe even here. I’ll toss a few back your way. Not questions as to who you are, questions to keep the game going.

Such as –

Where did you expect to be by now? Not where emotionally or careerwise. Where physically?

Who did you expect to be?

Would you still with to be that person if you could?

This all may take a while, but you’re a patient guy?


Site for the day:

Graphically watch artist Louis Wain slip into the depths of insanity.


Interesting. Pretty. A good example that doing drugs is artificial insanity. The last cats in the series remind me of what the world sometimes looks like when I’ve been peaking on acid.

Imagine living in this house. I’d so love to have the time and money to be crazy. It doesn’t seem to be any fun for those who can’t help it but I’ve spent most of my life consciously being sane. Gets awfully boring. Still, it’s easier to keep friends if you’re only a little crazy.