Chugging Along

Sometime earlier this week it sank in that Aged Mother is unlikely to drop dead anytime soon. Part of me has been waiting for her to do that ever since she got here and it became clear that she was much more frail and worn out than I’d been expecting. Not like I wanted her to but, if the inevitable is coming, I do like to be prepared.

And she kept not dying. We’ve made arrangements so (mostly) she doesn’t need us during the night. We’ve got a routine down for eating and napping. The living room got rearranged so that she could have a napping couch and we could still hang out when we wanted to. We’ve got a person coming in once a week so Nizzibet and I can get out of the house for a few hours.

Finally this week I stopped trying to fit art time in around her schedule and just started drawing whenever I could sit down for a few minutes. Given that I seem to have agreed to draw a four issue comic book miniseries (more details on that as it develops) over the next year I better get used to drawing all the time.

Back to work.