Not Exactly News

Busy. Of course.

Current creative projects –

Working out plot details with Nizzibet for Finnegan’s Brink. I expect to start drawing that in June. Nizzibet would be writing and coloring.

The Journals of Lado Perapek continues. New page up today.

I’ve got biweekly illustration goals for Mandate of Heaven. Still much to do and I’d like to have as much of it done as possible by June so I can dive in to Finnegan.

LuvSet’s and my Oz collaboration. No goals currently other than to get it done eventually.

A comic and illustrations for one article in The Black Seal #4. This will be the big Viet Nam issue. Both the article and the comic are already written. I’ve just got to draw. I hope to have this done by June as well. TBS #3 can be preordered through the website.

And just added to all that, this four issue miniseries. I don’t think it’s a secret but until I talk to my partners I’ll keep mum on it. The goal is to have that finished in a year.

Just call me Sleepy, Grumpy and Delirious for the immediate future.