Committing Sacrilege or Something

That miniseries I’m illustrating?

It’s Oz Squad.

No, I didn’t make the page with this in mind. I got offered the job after contacting Chris Reilly. He’d mentioned in an online interview that he was working with Steve Ahlquist on a project (- not Oz Squad). Steve created Oz Squad back in the ’90s. (Founded on and continuing the works of L. Frank Baum, of course.) Chris emailed back saying that he and Steve were planning to relaunch the series – would I be interested in drawing it?

Note: This comic book series has been described by Oz collector Steve Teller as “the most repellent published work with the name Oz in the title I have ever seen,” and features strong scenes of violence and gunplay.Ā Inappropriate for the young and the young at heart.

Ah yes. Nothing like bad taste to get my blood flowing. I’ll post samples of the art to my gallery at as I finish it. Nothing that will give the story away. Just a glimpse or two to whet your appetite. Or completely turn you off. Tastes vary.