Testing, testing …

I’ve been keeping a low profile with The Journals of Lado Perapek, relatively speaking. I write about it here but I figure that if you’re reading this you either know me personally or you got here via some weird google search. Or you’re here via a link at Epilogue.net or Sentient 39. Which is me trying to say that I haven’t been doing outreach for The Journals. It seems silly to do that for a strip (sorta) that’s been running for just over two months. I’ve read too many “check out my great website” notes for sites that gave up updating six months after their debut. I promised myself that I would hold off promotion until I’d been running it for a year. At least.

However, Mr. Nick Brownlow tells me that all he gets when he goes to The Journals are broken link images. You know, those lovely white boxes with the red crosses in them. I don’t have this problem. Keenspace sometimes fails to load an image but that mainly seems to happen on my peripheral pages, not the main strip.

So I need some feedback. Is anyone else having trouble seeing The Journals? If so, is it the main pages, the essays, or just plain everything? Are you a Mac or a PC user? Dial-up or broadband? Please take a moment and look at the site and send a quick note to chaosunit@aol.com. Put “Perapek” or “Sentient39” in the subject line.